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About Us


“I created beauty balm because skincare is a big passion of mine as well as looking after the environment. I would often cringe at the amount of plastic that was in my routine and wished I could do something about I did!

Living in a small Scottish village made me appreciate all nature has to give us, giving me inspiration for the ethical ingredients and eco-friendly packaging beauty balm now uses.

All of the formulas I use undergo safety testing after of course being trialled by myself, until the outcome is perfect!

I hope to inspire my customers to make a conscious change to their daily lives by cutting out harsh chemicals and single use plastic. We spend so much time and money on our appearances it’s only right to use the best and most ethical ingredients. The organic oils and butters are perfect for penetrating pollutants of city life but also soothing the effects from harsher weathers in the country...the best of both worlds!

Our Ethos

My products can be used by anyone and everyone as I wanted to have a brand that is inclusive to whoever wants to try it. It has become a real staple in my home and I hope it can in yours too. The plans I have for beauty balm's future are so exciting! To become a brand where you only need to buy from us for your skincare essentials is a huge goal for me.

REUSE RETHINK RECYCLE is the most important rule we follow. We reuse any packaging from suppliers and inventory that we can (for example, packing peanuts that dissolve in water). Also we research thoroughly if the choices we make about every part of our business are the best and most green they can be. 

I've put so much thought and love into everything that is beauty balm and I hope this is reflected in the beautiful and natural skincare we provide! Enjoy your self-care essentials handcrafted by me. 

Love Beth, founder of beauty balm.