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'New Year, New You' thanks!

The start of the year is always a time for self-reflection and positive change. A lot of companies will bombard you with the 'new year, new you' slogan but we think it's a great time to make the smallest changes to your life. Nine times out of ten the resolutions you set yourself for the new year will become distant memories by the time February comes around and we think this is because people set themselves too big of a goal.  

Wanting to lose 10 stone or becoming a millionaire is something you can achieve eventually but shouldn't be done by going on a strict diet or not spending any money you earn. After all...small steps lead to big changes! This is why we love Veganuary. It's a chance to look at the things you consume in life and ask yourself, could I substitute this for something that is much kinder to animals and the environment? 

For us, it isn't about changing your entire diet or throwing all of your skincare away but about swapping individual items for a kinder alternative. Little and often is a great way to look at Veganuary because rather than restricting yourself from something you may love, it offers something fresh for you to explore! Take our Organic Vegan Cocoa+Clementine Lip Balm for example. A completely animal by-product free balm that still nourishes the lips exactly the same as our non-vegan version!

By swapping small items like this you'll probably find you wont even notice the changes you're making in your life. But please remember, we are all on a learning journey and what one person may tell you is 'right' doesn't mean you can't explore what's right for you. 

Here's some of the things we're taking a look at this Veganuary:

  • Cleaning Products- We were quite surprised to learn that not all cleaning products are vegan and even cruelty-free?! This is something that we can definitely make changes to. Keep an eye on those big corporations, a few non-vegan ones may surprise you...
  • Plant-Based Milks- Another easy one for us is switching from dairy milk to a plant-based milk. There are SO many to choose from now! The classic almond milk is always a hit and we've been loving hazelnut milk and a sweeter alternative.
  • Cosmetics- As a skincare brand we're taking the extra steps to research and develop more vegan-friendly products. Makeup is also an industry that can offer different options. Try switching out a mascara or a face wash for a vegan alternative!

Are you trying out Veganuary this year? Let us know over on our instagram! We'd love to hear what you're testing out!

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm. 

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