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The Glow Edition- March 2022

March is here! I am definitely one of those 'can you believe it's ... already?!' but seriously...where has the first two months gone!
March brings about lighter evenings and longer days but it also welcomes World Recycling Day! On the 18th of March you'll find an abundance of information and in some cases, greenwashing. But this year I wanted to take a look at what beauty balm is doing to be as eco friendly as possible. After all, every decision we make effects the environment in some way, so we're trying to make skincare as green as possible for you.

Give your waste a second life

It's easy to look at something and think, it's okay I'll chuck it in the recycling and that's my bit done for the environment, however...

Did you know that of the 8.3bn tonnes of virgin plastic produced worldwide, only 9% has been recycled, according to a 2017 Advances Paper entitled Production, Use And Fate Of All Plastics Ever Made. So what can we do to help the effort?


Giving the products you would have just chucked in the recycling a second life by reusing them! Here are some of the ways I like to reuse beauty balm packaging:

It may seem insignificant compared to the damage big companies are causing but if we all make small changes like this, we move in the right direction of healing our planet! What are some of the ways you upcycle or recycle your waste?

Skin Positive Angels who have caught my eye this month

@its_just_acne an absolute glowing angel when it comes to skin positivity! She openly shares her experience with acne and is always sharing reminders to love your skin and to not compare yourself with others.

@_nelly_london_ a queen, always. 

@dalnaemercer shows how social media truly covers up real beauty. Trained poses and clever photoshopping create these fake platforms that make us second guess are individualities. 

Filling your feeds with inspirational people who remind you how truly beautiful your natural self is, is the best way to make sure your screen time doesn't become a toxic place. Start your spring with mindful, healthy habits!

What's been happening at beauty balm HQ?

March has been huge for beauty balm so far with the welcoming of our full rebrand. Bringing new products and new packaging to market is always a huge task so I am so pleased you all love it as much as I do. 

Worker smarter not harder is the theme this month with the arrival of my new filling machine, if you've not seen it in action head over to our Instagram or TikTok😍.

I'm also very close to releasing a much anticipated new product. It's one that will make the beauty balm range feel so much more complete, can you guess what it is?

I hope you enjoyed this month's Glow Edition! Stay tuned for more exciting things in next month's!

Written by Beth- founder of beauty balm

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