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The Glow Edition- February 2022

The Month of Love

Whether you're single, married or simply love the idea of champagne and chocolates, Valentine's Day is an opportunity for love. The perfect time to reconnect with yourself, take time to pamper and practice self-care. What better excuse than Valentine's to spoil yourself? I've put together 5 cosy Valentine's Day ideas that you and your loved one(s) will enjoy. 

The Classic Bubble Bath

To some a cliché, but to those who appreciate a well earned rest, the bubble bath definitely takes the crown. Create a sensual moment of calm with some epsom salts, glass of prosecco and favourite chocs.

A Body Massage

Set the mood with an essential oil diffuser or candle and grab your favourite pampering products. A solid lotion bar works great for this; LUSH is where I first discovered solid bars and they are fab! Work your way around the body with the lotion and then massage deeply into the skin. Your body deserves as much love as your face!

Tingly Scalp Massage

By far the best part of seeing your hairdresser- the scalp massage! Use a hair oil or even just grab a bottle of castor oil from a local drugstore. Work the product into the scalp whilst calming music plays and you're in for a winner. A scalp massager tool is also one of the best investments I've made!😍

Get Crafty

We've all seen the Pinterest DIY hacks for beauty products...but some of them really do work! If you're a coffee lover, grind some beans and add an oil of your choice (I recommended jojoba oil) for an in shower scrub. The same works for sugar; add a sugar of your choice with oil and get scrubbing! Or you could create a face pack using avocado, coconut oil and honey for glowing skin. 

Candle making sesh

Reuse old candle jars by melting a wax of your choice and adding essential oils to create a relaxing aroma for your pamper night. If you're feeling fancy you could get a candle making kit; I recommend the Kali Home Candle Kit or shop on Etsy for an array of choices!

Why treating yourself is as important as treating your loved one

A tough couple of years has made us all more aware of how we treat ourselves. You don't need any reason at all to spend time on you but Valentine's is definitely a good excuse😉

"“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” - Anna Taylor

Valentine Gift Guide

Etsy is the hub for small businesses worldwide. Thousands of bespoke, thoughtful gifts are available so I've put together a few of my favourites to give you some Valentine's/Galentine's inpso. 

Personalised Couples Anniversary Print- GingerBelleDesign
Mini Valentines Playdough Kit- Scented Sensory Playdough- Valentines Gift For Kids- littleadventuredough 
Someone loves you mini TreatBox gift- TreatBoxLtd
The Self Care Gift Box- beautybalmcompany
Plantable Notebook- EcoLifeGreen
The Beard Care Pack- beautybalmcompany


Fellow Small Skincare Brands for you to discover this month


Superfly Soap


Mallows Beauty


Lily M 

beauty balm's February Update

We're into the second month of the year already and it's go go go at beauty balm. Full rebranding refresh is on its way as well as a brand new product for the range! Keep an eye on our Tik Tok and Instagram stories for all the behind the scenes👀 New packaging has been purchased and manufacturing equipment has been invested in. 

Keeping my goals clear and precise has helped me stay focused and work towards becoming a full time business owner! Are you still keeping up with your new year goals? 

Here's to a month full of love and better days✨

Beth- Founder of beauty balm.

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