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beauty balm's Guide To An Eco Christmas

It's so easy to get caught up in the commercialised world of the festive season! It really is the season for overspending and waste. At a critical point where every decision and purchase we make will effect the future of our planet, it's so important to be a conscious consumer.
This time of year truly feels magical and its a chance to show our appreciation and love towards those closest to us. However this shouldn't cost the Earth! An extra 30% of rubbish is produced over the festive season compared to the rest of the year...most of which isn't recycled and ends up in landfills or shipped to poorer countries for them to deal with. It's time to be more conscious of our purchases and mindful of the footprint each purchase has. 

beauty balm's guide to a more eco conscious Christmas:

Starting small

Like any lifestyle changes, going full steam ahead and radically switching habits, that are ingrained into your daily routine, is not sustainable. Think diet culture or quitting smoking. Completely cutting out the things you are used to tends to not last in the long run. Slowly making small changes, such as using nicotine patches or incorporating more vegetables into your meals, is a more likely way to see beneficial end results. 

If every person in the UK vowed to switch out one small thing from their daily routine, whether it be their plastic toothbrush or choosing to walk to the shop rather than drive, we would very quickly start to see the positive effects. 

This can easily be applied to Christmas too! This year, why don't you try making one sustainable switch. Here's some easy eco swaps to make this Christmas:

  • Create your own crackers for the dinner table! Using loo rolls and biodegradable twine you can get crafty by making these DIY beauties. Handwrite your favourite cheesy joke for a personalised touch!
  • Cut out the cards! Let's be honest, we read Christmas cards once and then they sit on a windowsill for 3 weeks to then go in the bin. A simple text displaying your well wishes to your loved ones saves the 33 million trees used to create festive cards in the UK. Not only this but it seems more personal and offers the chance of a catch up with someone you've not spoken to in a while! E-cards are also an option if you're feeling fancy!
  • Stocking fillers. I'm yet to experience Christmas with kids but I can imagine how hard it must be to avoid all the plastic knick knacks. Etsy is always a great place to find unique, eco friendly bits!
Plan ahead, and stick to it!!

I'm completely guilty of this. The last minute dash of buying little extras because it feels like you haven't bought enough. I promise you whatever you have taken time to gift your loved ones is always enough. A bit cliché but I'm a sucker for handmade items. Cute embroidery hoop to put up on the wall? Yes please. Handmade Christmas cookies? Yum! Things like this end in little to no waste so is always a greener option.

I try to write a list of who I'm buying for, create a budget and stick to it! This way you're not overspending and you know exactly where you're buying from. Again, Etsy is a site full of wonderful stores or search #smallbusinessuk on social media and whole array of businesses will come up!


Rethink Christmas

Do you actually need anything? If you can't think of a gift off the top of your head for your loved one to buy you, the chances are you don't need it. Thousands of unwanted gifts end up in landfill each year- that's right! Brand new, unopened gifts!! This can easily be avoided with the following:

  • Suggest a charity or food bank for your loved ones to support in your honour. Everyone's Christmas is different and I think we forget how privileged we are sometimes.
  • Have a precise list of gifts and/or names of businesses that have good values behind them. beauty balm should of course be at the top 😉
  • REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. Have this at the forefront of all your decisions and I promise you will have a more eco conscious Christmas.

Any conversations about being more eco friendly and saving the planet can feel a bit like a lecture or telling off, especially around the Christmas period when people just want to celebrate. However by ignoring the facts we continue to pollute and destroy the precious world we live in. The huge companies that cause the most destruction rely on the festive season, waiting for everyone to start over-spending so they can watch their pockets fill. 

Let's grow and learn together by making these easy eco swaps and become conscious consumers together!

Have wonderful festive period, whether you celebrate Christmas or not💚

Written by Beth, Founder of beauty balm.

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