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Problematic Skincare Buzzwords

Anti ageing, Flawless, Normal...did you know these words may be having a damaging effect on the younger generations?

For years the beauty industry has been creating marketing campaigns to have one sole purpose: second guess yourself. Whether it be doubting your already perfected skincare routine, feeling insecure about your skin type or reaching for an unattainable beauty type, the chances are this has come from a marketing exec. 

What words should we not be using?


There is not a single product in the entire world that will 'eliminate pores' or even 'shrink pores'. Yes there are some that will create a smoothing effect, but your pores are still under there! In fact they are necessary for healthy skin because they release the sweat and toxins from our skin's layers.

Pores may seem to appear bigger and smaller depending on how clean your skin is so a gentle effective cleanser will keep on top of build up in the pores.

So let's embrace the fact that pores are natural and necessary and that we all have them!


This also applies to 'age-defying' or 'youthful appearance' that some companies try to sneak in. The beauty industry is well known for making mature skin seem like the devil and that we should constantly be trying to look younger.

A lot of anti-ageing products get their results from other aspects of the ingredients such as hydration or brightening but won't actually reverse time and make your skin younger.

Ageing is a wonderful fact of life that we should be celebrating not trying to find remedies and solutions for. Some brands have started using the term 'pro-ageing' which I think is a much more positive outlook!



This one is probably my biggest bug-bare. What defines 'normal'? What one person may think of as 'normal' may be completely different to another's definition. The industry tends to define 'normal' as skin that isn't oily or sensitive, unlikely to breakout and isn't dry. So anything that isn't this must be abnormal? 

This is where the word becomes a negative, harmful description that excludes so many people. Your skin is what makes you an individual. It makes every one of us different which is something to be proud of, not something to try and cure.



Much like the word 'normal', flawless is a description that has a pretty heavy negative connotations. In a world where celebrities are now only seen through filters and photoshop encouraging 'flawless' skin is not on irresponsible but dangerous. 

Your skin can go through unexpected changes at any point so when you're constantly told blemishes, texture, hair, wrinkles, scars (the list goes on) are something you need to get rid of, it will inevitably effect your confidence and mental health.

Our differences shouldn't be seen as flaws so lets start accepting who we are! 

Even with this short list of words that the beauty industry has pushed to become societal norms, it has become an overwhelming pressure to keep up with these unattainable standards. Any word that is trying to make you think twice about your looks and your skin should be banned, in my opinion. Life is too short to be worrying about a wrinkle or a breakout. Celebrate you and be kind to yourself. 

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.

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