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Morning Vs Evening Skincare

As an inclusive, skin-loving company it's always important to remind ourselves that everybody's skin is different. A trending product that hundreds of people swear by may cause your skin issues and only having two products in your routine might just be what works for you.

It really is about finding what works for your skin!

Did you know that your skin may need different things depending on the time of day? You've probably seen day creams and night creams and thought...what's the difference?

I like to think of it like the meals you have in a day. For breakfast you normally want to have something that will give you a boost of energy and fill you with nutrients, whereas for dinner you might look for something more filling and comforting.

It's the same sort of idea for your skin too! In the morning you want something that will brighten the skin and give you a healthy glow. In the evening you should look for product that have healing properties, that will nourish the skin after your busy day.

What products will give me that morning boost?

Here's a few options and tips on how to get that healthy morning glow:

  • A gentle cleanser: I find that you only need a gentle cleanse in the morning because over cleansing can damage the skin's moisture barrier. A cleansing balm (find our Tea Tree Cleansing Balm here ) will work great as they don't contain abrasive ingredients!
  • Hyaluronic Acid: I used to have quite dry skin but since introducing this into my routine I always feel hydrated. There's so many affordable options that work too! (Always apply to damp skin- I use a hydrating mist beforehand)
  • Day Cream: A lighter moisturiser can add the necessary hydration without being too heavy in the skin. It should keep your skin plump and moisturised all day without adding grease and build-up.
  • Lip Care: The lips can sometimes become a neglected part of the face but having soft, cared for lips can change the way your whole face feels! Some people like to exfoliate their lips but with the right lip balm all you need is a couple of swipes a day. Our Cocoa+Clementine Lip Balm is our bestseller for a reason...have you got yours yet?


What about in the evening?

How to look after your skin after a day full of environmental stressors:

  • Double Cleanse: I always like to save my double cleanse for the evenings so I can really work in the products and break down all the dirt and grime that has sat on my skin all day. A Cleansing Balm works great for the first cleanse, or a cleansing oil and then another gentle cleanser to really make sure your skin is clean! 
  • Night Cream: A night cream tends to be a thicker and richer consistency that I like to apply when I've been outside all day or had a busy day full of stressful things that are bad for the skin. Night creams will give you that moisture surge that you may need!
  • Facial Oil: As someone who constantly battled with oily skin as a teenager (and still now sometimes!) I always kept away from including oils from my routine. But since creating a skincare brand and really getting to know each and every ingredient in my products I know that they will actually help to balance my skin's natural oil production! I add 4 drops of our Rosehip+Tamanu Facial Serum after applying the rest of my skincare so it can really soak my skin and add all the wonderful, healing nutrients into my face. Game changer!
  • Face Mask: Once a week I like to treat myself to a face mask and bubble bath. I have a few different types of masks so I can choose one depending on what my skin is needing at the time. A clay mask will help to thoroughly cleanse the pores, non-drying masks will leave you fresh and glowing and enzyme masks will chemically exfoliate the skin! There's so many more options than this as well so shop around to find one that suits you. Which one is your favourite?

The great thing about skincare is that you can simplify it or add in those extra steps to really suit your skin type. There's so many brands and types of products now that the choices are endless!

I hope today's blog has given you some tips and tricks if you were a bit stuck on what products to include. 

Our Instagram messages are always open if you have any questions or need any skin advice!

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.



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