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Lets talk about skincare's most understated ingredient... Tamanu Oil

What is Tamanu Oil?

Although it is not the most well-known, or even popular ingredient, Tamanu Oil can be one of the most beneficial oils in the skincare game. Native to Asia and Polynesia, it's first users often referred to it as green gold because of the extensive uses this oil has! It was first made for medicinal purposes like treating burns or healing wounds but in more recent years it's been discovered as an amazing skincare ingredient. 

In its purest form (which beauty balm uses) it is a dark green shade with a distinctive natural scent. Wonderful on its own but mixed with other nourishing oils make it a star ingredient! 

What are the benefits of Tamanu Oil?

Without wanting to sound like an advert for Tamanu Oil, there's not much it can't do...

As we said it was originally used for medicinal purposes meaning as a skincare product it will heal and regenerate skins cells, leaving you with a smoother and even complexion. It also packed with many different antioxidants which means it protects the skin from environmental damages and free radicals.

Like many other oils for the skin, it is highly moisturising and will give you that glow that everyone seeks. However what makes Tamanu Oil stand out is the molecule Calophyllolide which is not found in any other facial oils. Calophyllolide acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that will smooth fine lines and wrinkles and is what will give that 'tighter' appearance. 

To sum it up nicely for you, Tamanu Oil:

  • Heals and reduces scars from acne or other blemishes.
  • Moisturises the skins layers deeply.
  • Promotes healthy skin with the formation of new tissue.
  • Smooths and softens the skin leaving you with a youthful glow.
  • Helps with inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

If it's so good, why doesn't everyone use it?

Although the the production of Tamanu Oil is a sustainable one (the tree's seeds are collected after they've naturally fallen, not batch produced), it is quite a laborious process. The seeds have to be dried, which can take up to 8 weeks and it produces small amounts of oil. Because of this, it is an expensive oil to buy, especially in its purest form, which companies may shy away from and choose cheaper options. 

Also the scent of Tamanu Oil is unique and to some people, unusual. Most skincare companies go to great lengths to add fragrance and make all products smell of flowers or perfume but at beauty balm we embrace all things natural! It has a distinctive nutty, earthy scent but mixed with natural essential oils can add afresh uplift to it.

For example our Rosehip+Tamanu Facial Serum testers found the scent to be unusual at first but after a few tries they were used to the scent and actually found it to be refreshing. 

If you are crazy about all things natural like us you won't even notice the smell but will in fact fall in love with how glorious this super ingredient is for the skin. Try something new this year and you may find a new favourite!

If you're unsure try out one of our serum samples, perfect for testing how Tamanu Oil works for your skin.

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.


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