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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Darker nights, chilly mornings and fallen leaves. Autumn has officially commenced! As we say goodbye to the (very hot) summer months we welcome fall with open arms. 

If you're anything like me you love the cosy evenings on the sofa with a blanket and hot chocolate compared to the unbearable heat! It's a time for your favourite feel good movies (Harry Potter for me) and some warm comfort food. I love using these months to create soup and pie recipes which can be easily made using food scraps from other meals! 

Although this time brings a certain warmth to your life, the harsher weathers aren't as kind for your skin. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to transition from your summer skincare to your winter. It's extremely important to know the difference between the cosmetics you use for summer, compared to winter. 

A lighter moisturiser may have done the trick for sun-dried skin but as the temperatures cool down your skin will crave more moisture and may have different needs. Please remember that SPF is for all year round, not just summer though!!

Your skin craving more moisture does not mean you have to go out and buy a whole new draw of skincare products however, it's about taking advantage of the ingredients already present. 

Of course our Tea Tree Cleansing Balm is perfect for this as in the summer it melts away SPF and sweat from the day but in winter the oils really penetrate the skins barrier, rejuvenating the skin.

There’s lots of little ways to enhance your skincare this autumn. Using a gentle exfoliator regularly can give you a radiant complexion through the colder months, natural grains and oat masks can be perfect for this. Our most obvious advice would be to switch your lip care if you haven’t already. The skin on our lips have no protective barrier making them more vulnerable to the effects of colder weather. Tackle those sore, dry and chapped lips with our  Cocoa and Clementine Lip Balm; perfect for applying a generous layer at night to act as a moisture mask.

Hope you all have a lovely autumn!! Remember to take the extra time spent at home in these months pampering yourself and doing things that bring you joy.

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm





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