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Going 'au naturel'? Why using the right ingredients is so important


Changing any part of your skincare routine is a scary thought. We all look for products that will solve our latest skin problems, however we should be thinking long term when it comes to our skin, not short term. It's easy to overlook what the underlying ingredients in most skincare products actually do to our skin when all we see is the persuasive marketing for them. This is why its crucial we all do our own research into what changes we can make for long-lasting results.

It is no secret that we are becoming more mindful of what we put in and on our bodies, in fact it's estimated that the global organic beauty market will reach a massive $54 billion dollars worldwide by 2027. It is obvious that more people are wanting to harness and celebrate what nature has to offer us by making the switch to natural beauty.



A Change for Life or a Quick Fad?

Nature vs Synthetic Products

Now, the Natural vs Synthetic debate is a touchy subject for some people and we don't like upsetting people here at beauty balm, however from the research and experience we have with natural beauty we can totally vouch for it.

There is of course pro's and cons to everything in life but we find that if you are wanting to live a healthier and more organic lifestyle, it only makes sense to include your beauty and personal care into this.

On the other hand, not all synthetic products are evil and will burn your skin off like some brands will have you believe. It is paramount that you take time researching what you are putting on your face and body to make sure they are safe and work for you.

We do not believe in using scare tactics to get you to buy our products and it may sound cliche by now to listen to how natural products are so much better than synthetic ones, but in my opinion there is a reason it's said so much. Its true. Using products like ours means you do not have to compromise on the quality of your beauty regime and you will probably find they are more compatible with your skin.

One of our Tea Tree Cleansing Balm's incredible ingredients is hemp oil. This is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that will smooth and strengthen the skin, enhancing our natural defences against pollution, sun, dry air and the excessive use of soaps. Natures perfect remedy for a face that has been stripped my chemical moisturisers.

You should love your skin no matter what skin you have. You should feel excited and good about what products and businesses you support and be wise in where you invest your hard-earned money. Nothing is ever as simple as black and white, but we must all do our part for ourselves and future generations by constantly reviewing better ways to live.

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Written by Beth, founder of beauty balm. 


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