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Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

If you're delving into the world of natural skincare, or already a lover, you may have noticed a unique range of scents that you may not find in your everyday drugstore products. 

This is normally down to the fact that most natural skincare brands use essential oils in their formulas compared to other cosmetic companies that use fragrance oils. 

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from different parts of a plant through steam distillation or cold pressing. They are pure extracts and have very sensitive compounds so the extraction methods have to be gentle in order to maintain the compound's structure. 

What are fragrance oils?

Fragrance oils are synthetically man made from artificial chemical compounds. As they are not naturally formed a much wider range of scents can be created and can last a lot longer than some essential oils. However confusion can come with fragrance oils because some are classed as synthetic fragrance oils and some natural fragrance oils.

So which one is better?

Here at beauty balm we choose to only use essential oils. This is because we want to only use ingredients that add benefits to the skin. Essential oils will actually have skin and health benefits, maybe one of the most popular being lavender, which helps to calm the mind and skin. Fragrance oils on the other hand, are only created to mimic a scent, they don't have any other benefits at all. 

A lot of conversations about natural skincare comes down to 'which is better?' but our philosophy is to use what works for you. With beauty balm you get simple, yet effective skincare that is not only kind to your skin, but the planet too. Natural ingredients can be transformative but can also be dangerous when not created with knowledge behind their properties. 

It would be a lie to sit here and say that synthetic ingredients are the devil and will ruin your skin, but it's definitely important to remember how many vitamins, minerals and nutrients are packed into essential oils. If you're looking to introduce the ever expanding range of natural scents into your routine, head to our product page now to check out which scents we use!

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.

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