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Easy Eco Swaps to make this Earth Day

If you follow beauty balm on Instagram you know that being a sustainable and forward thinking brand is something so important to us. We are always sharing easy eco swaps that we've made personally and sharing tips and tricks on how to live a greener life. Sustainability doesn't have to just stop at skincare though.

Earth Day is always a great opportunity to celebrate how far we've come to help save our planet...however there's still a long way to go. If you've seen David Attenborough's latest documentary (go watch if you haven't already!!) you know that climate change is no joke and we all need to do the best we can for future generations. 

It can be easy to say 'it's not us, it's the big corporations that pollute the world' but each small step made leads to the earth being closer to healing. Whether it's signing petitions, writing letters, walking instead of driving or even choosing not to buy that new outfit you don't need...being eco-friendly doesn't have to cost money!

But if you're looking for a few tips and tricks on product swaps you can make the next time you run out of something, here's a few I've loved and will continue to use...

Easy Eco Swaps you could make


Zero Waste Hair Care

I've been using shampoo and conditioner bars for a while now and definitely don't see me going back to bottles! They're really great value and aren't watered down like most hair care products. They often come 'naked' or in recyclable packaging and with their popularity rising, can be found in any and all flavours!

The first one I ever bought was from Lush (Snow Fairy Scent) and it was delightful! However now I try and find small businesses that sell them so I can support small. My recent one is from Superfly Soap and it smells divine! I've even recently seen some in drugstores, Garnier I think, and they look great for an affordable price!

Let me know if you use zero waste hair care or if you will now in the comments!

Eco Sanitary Products

My favourite eco swap yet! I think because it can still be a taboo subject for some households, these options aren't as well known as they should be! Menstrual cups can sound quite scary and daunting but imagine never having to throw away a tampon or pad ever again?! I got the hang of mine so quickly and have not produced any waste going to landfill since using it! 

If menstrual cups don't sound like your kind of thing then I really recommend period pants too! I got mine for around £20 and they are so comfy. Would you make this swap?

Plastic Free Skincare

Of course I couldn't talk about eco swaps without mentioning plastic free skincare! It can be easy to follow trends or buy the latest hot product but being more sustainable means reducing consumption. Products like ours are long lasting and even when you're finished with them, they can be recycled! However even if your current plastic skincare can be recycled, most plastics can only be recycled once and then take thousands of years to decompose.

Ditch the wipes and squeezy bottles and switch to more ecological options!

Refill Options

One of the latest additions to the beauty balm range is refill options to our Serum and Beard Oil. Refill options offer another great chance to reuse packaging and reduce the waste going to landfill. I'm lucky enough to live near a zero waste shop so can take my own jars and containers to fill up with dried foods. This cuts out all the horrible, unrecyclable plastic that comes with things like pasta or nuts. 

There are so many choice for refills these days though! You can now get cleaning refill pods, laundry refills through the post plus many more! Is there anything in your life you could use a refill option for?

I hope this blog has either given you some new ideas to try or some inspiration to try more eco-friendly options! Remember it's a slow journey so don't rush and throw everything away, just keep in mind the next time you run out of something that there may be a greener option!

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.

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