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Surviving the Christmas Chaos

Winter is Coming...

If you’re anything like me then sometimes you’ll love EVERYTHING Christmas but sometimes it’s a stressful time you try to push to the back of your mind every year. Every year I try to budget and follow a strict plan but it never works, I always over spend and over buy. 

This is beauty balm’s first Christmas so our plan is to try and make the Christmas chaos as easy as we do cleansing your skin (easy peasy)! We have some amaaazing gift boxes available, all pre-wrapped ready to gift to your loved ones and our balms are perfect stocking fillers! 

Not only is our budget a big concern when it comes to Christmas but so is the environment. We should always be looking for ways to live better and Christmas is one of the biggest waste producers of the year. 

beauty balm’s tips and tricks to an easier Christmas: 

  • write a list of who you need to buy presents for and how much you want to spend on them- refer to this whenever you see a present a certain person might like.

  • turn a hobby/niche into gifts- whether you’re a fab baker or brilliant painter, use these skills to create meaningful presents for your loved ones rather than a generic high street gift (that half the time they may not want or need)! 

  • use brown parcel paper and a stamp to create eco-gift wrap and a more aesthetic present- did you know nearly all wrapping papers you get from the supermarket can’t be recycled!? Which is crazy to us as it’s something that is quite literally torn apart and thrown in the bin! Pinterest is the best place to get sustainable gift wrapping inspo from. 

  • It may sound demanding at first but ask your friends and family and even your colleagues for only eco-friendly gifts- this is such a huge way to cut out unnecessary plastic.
  • shop small!! Small businesses tend to put way more love, thought and care into their products so gifting from them may mean supporting local establishments as well as start up companies. I love using the #smallbusiness hashtag on Instagram to try find unique places to shop. @boodlescandles is a fabulous example of a small candle company who are also eco friendly! 

I've challenged myself this year to only buy gifts from small businesses. I've bought a few so far and I can't see me ever going back! Even with these tips and tricks it's so important to remember that this holiday season is about spending time with loved ones. If this isn't possible then doing small, meaningful things that people will cherish forever will make Christmas 2020 the most humble yet. 


   Written by Beth- beauty balm founder. 

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