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beauty balm's Guide to a Self-Care Weekend

✨This is your sign to have the weekend you've been dreaming about✨

It's taken me a while to break the unhealthy habit of constantly being on the go until I burn out. You shouldn't wait until you're completely run down before taking some time to look after yourself. Knowing the signs of when you need to do something to reset and recharge is the first step to true self-care. 

The next time you have a free weekend, keep it clear in the calendar and commit to spending time with yourself. Here's some of the ways I like to practice self-care...

Pamper Yourself

Set time aside to relax and unwind. I like to dedicate a day or evening to truly pamper myself with my favourite products. A deep, intense facial massage with our Rosehip+Tamanu Facial Serum and lighting *all* of my candles for an atmospheric aroma are just a couple of examples.
It may sound cliché but sometimes all you need is a face mask and a bar of chocolate and you're back to feeling yourself!


Although you may just want to spend the weekend in bed, getting outside or doing something physical for even 20 minutes can improve your wellbeing and mood. For me I like to give the house a really good clean...after all; clean house, clean mind!

For some people yoga works or if you have a family, dragging them all out for a long walk can do wonders for their mental health.

Connect with Yourself

Switching off from the outside world and disconnecting from the constant source of negativity (otherwise called our phones) can be life changing. Things like journaling or meditating will really help you take that extra step in being connected and in tune with yourself. 
Self-Care really has to come from within. If you're constantly distracting yourself instead of living in the moment then that can effect how you sleep, feel and react to others. 

Things that will make you feel good

A hobby or lost love that you normally don't get to do in your day to day. Our busy, hectic lives can often mean we miss out on or forget about the things we truly love doing. Whether that's baking, reading, socialising or even watching a true crime drama. Recently I've discovered embroidery through my monthly subscription with Threadbox and have been finding it so relaxing and will keep me busy for hours!
Whatever it is that you know will make you feel good...DO IT!
These are just a few examples and ideas of how to unwind from your busy week. Practicing self-care every day, no matter how small, will benefit your mental health enormously and will leave you happier and healthier!
Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm.

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