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5 ways to transform your spooky season

With spooky season in full swing, it's never too late to reconsider how you celebrate the holiday. Shops have had an abundance of Halloween goodies for months now but you shouldn't be so quick to spend your money on unsustainable, commercialised junk.

Trick or Treat Yo' Self

For my fellow Halloween enthusiasts, it's not unlikely that you have a bag of decorations in the attic or garage filled with knotted, sad looking buntings and cobwebs waiting to be untangled each year. You may also buy new dangling spiders or creepy skeletons to scare the trick or treaters. All of this causes so much unnecessary plastic waste each year from the decorations themselves or the plastic it's wrapped in, so why not kit your home every year with more natural, elegant decs?

By spending a little more one year on some lovely ornaments, you save yourself money in the long run by not spending needlessly each year. Pinterest is a fabulous place to get inspiration for any sort of home decorating, especially the fall season.

Why not go completely green by using what nature has to offer for a change? Spending a sunny autumn's afternoon on a long walk collecting pine cones or chestnuts with your children and loved ones is a great way to take advantage of nature. Collect different leaves and autumn flowers to create your own wreath or use them as part of an arts and craft activity to make some scary ghouls with the kids.

How to look spook-tacular 

 Most kids want to dress up as something different each year, so why not get creative? Rather than buying a new witches dress, or Frankenstein outfit each year, dig around your wardrobe and make something out of unused clothes or items around the house.

This was something I always did as a child and it brings back amazing memories thinking about how we let our creative juices flow to come up with something quirky. The classics are always the best, in my opinion, like a zombie school child or painting a T-shirt to create Where’s Wally. 

I’m way ahead of the carve!

What most people don’t realise is that pumpkins have a number of uses that aren’t just for decoration! One helpful way to reduce waste is to save all the pumpkin seeds and either bake them (they make delicious and nutritious snacks!) or even try growing your own pumpkins the following year.

The guts are also a fab contributor for your compost, adding multiple nutrients to the soil. There are also a large number of pumpkin recipes that would be perfect for the end of fall! Pumpkin pies and breads make a warm and cosy treat this Halloween. 

Let the ghouls be the only thing that scares you this Halloween

Halloween is a night to celebrate everything creepy. It’s also known for the abundance of sweets and chocolate that is collected by all the trick or treaters. There is always a surge in plastic waste during a holiday season, purely because of the high level of purchasing and consuming, and Halloween is no different. Although a hard thing to avoid for health and safety reasons, we can aim to buy sweets and chocolate that are at least sourced ethically if not packaged sustainably.

You should always look out for the fair trade symbol on any chocolate you buy to make sure the cocoa beans are coming from a sustainable place. Also try and buy sweets that are organic, this means that there won’t be any nasty chemicals filling up children’s stomachs. 

Go homemade this Halloween

Much like costumes, there are other parts of this holiday that people tend to overlook. The sweet bowl you use to answer the door, or the sweet buckets the kids take trick or treating are again adding unnecessary plastic to the world. Why not try making your own bag, or even better, support a small business and buy a personalised tote bag. This way you get more than just one use out of it! Reduce, reuse and recycle are how we should be thinking. 

Another small, but big way to change is to cut out the plastic cups and table wear you buy each year. Yes it looks cute but it has such a negative environmental impact, it really isn’t worth it! Use some of the decorations you’ve crafted at home to decorate the table. Also get creative when it comes to the food you have! A favourite of mine from last year was the ‘chopped finger buns’ (hot dogs) or the ‘blood soup’ with ‘cobwebs’ (tomato soup with cut out bread made to look like a web). Believe me the kids will love it!!


I hope you’ve learnt some knew tips and tricks from today’s blog. I’m learning along with you so if you have anymore, don’t hesitate to comment below! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle should be the theme throughout the year to try and cut down on waste. 

Written by Beth- Founder of beauty balm 

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